The Church Windows We usually walk past the windows like we do the wallpaper at home, but it really is worth just spending a moment to think about the different stories or incidents in the life of Jesus which are illustrated there. Depending how you count them, St. Paul’s has some twenty five major individual stained / painted / leaded glass windows.  As can be seen above, six of these form the West window and five form the East with some smaller designs to create the overall effect. A further eight are in four pairs down the South wall, three along the North wall and three in the porch.  We also have twelve clerestory windows. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the windows attract the attention of people who want to use them as target practice, so they are protected by acrylic sheets.  This is why the external pictures do not show much detail of the windows.   Thank you to Muriel Scholes for carrying out the research on our windows and producing the text which was originally used for a series on the windows in our monthly parish magazine. Click on the small pictures in the text on the following pages for larger versions of the window pictures. Made with Xara Web Designer Stained Glass Windows   If we were having new stained / painted / leaded glass windows of a similar standard to those we have, the cost today would probably be well over £1,000 per square foot depending on the complexity i.e. number of individual pieces / colours. So a typical window (21” by 62” - an area of about 9 square feet) could cost substantially more than £10,000 up to many £10ks, again depending on the complexity of the design. Have a look at our ideas for possible new windows on the final pages of this series on our stained glass. The Parish of St. Paul Oldham